At Mill Rythe Junior School, we understand that children have a natural love of music. Music education is a vital part of every-day life and can help to develop confident, well-rounded individuals. Even if a child does not play an instrument, music has the ability to allow us to feel nearly every emotion that we experience in our lives. It calms us when we are feeling stressed and relaxes us or it can help to lift our mood if we are feeling down. It can help us to collect our thoughts or reflect on upon aspects of our daily lives.

The Music curriculum at Mill Rythe Junior School gives pupils exciting opportunities to play a range of musical instruments within the classroom as well as opportunities to explore and appreciate a number of musical styles.  They become confident at both reading and writing music through regular practical music lessons within each year group. It looks at how musical tastes have changed and developed throughout history.  Children build a wide knowledge of stylistic features, key composers and pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern classical music eras and appreciate these musical styles have developed.