The aim of the policy is to outline the school’s approach to teaching and learning. It is designed to act as a reference point for existing and new staff whilst also giving clear guidance on the school’s approach to teaching and learning to a wider audience, particularly parents and carers.


  • There should be a consistent framework and overall approach to teaching and learning based primarily on the specific needs of the children in Mill Rythe Junior School.
  • Such a framework should be developed with regard to sound educational research as well as a broad range of evidence of effective practice from other schools locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Approaches to teaching and learning should always be tailored to the unique needs of the school.
  • The quality of any teaching approach should be judged on the impact it has on pupils’ learning.
  • Teachers and senior leaders should regularly reflect on teaching strategies being used in order to evaluate their impact and seek ways to further improve the quality of teaching across the school.
  • Within a consistent framework for teaching and learning, there should always be scope for teacher creativity and individuality. Teachers should be encouraged to innovate to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children they teach.
  • Lessons should be stimulating, engaging and challenging so that children develop positive attitudes towards learning and are motivated to become lifelong learners.