As a Governor you:

  • meet monthly for Full Governing Body meetings, these are in the early evening and typically between 6pm-8pm
  • read documents and prepare for meetings
  • visit school regularly to really understand the life and work of the school which enables governors to offer the role of ‘critical friend’. The types of visits include coming into school for special events which might include the Harvest festival, to church for the Christmas service, Love Days and planned monitoring visits when you will meet and work alongside different members of staff in school.  All members of the governing body are in school at least once each term.

Being a school governor is a rewarding experience. As a governor you play a critical role in improving children’s education, supporting the work of the school and whilst giving a lot, you develop your own skill set or further enhance your exisiting skills and knowledge to support your current role, for example chairing meetings, speaking in public and supporting in the appointment of staff.