We recognise that at times some children may need additional support in school to help them fulfil their potential. This can may be short-term support for a specific emotional or social issue that the child is experiencing, or longer-term learning support.

We are well equipped to support a wide range of children’s needs. Mrs Ayling, our SENCo, has completed the nationally SEN qualification and co-ordinates the learning and emotional support for children with a range of needs.  She works very closely with our teachers and teaching assistants to make sure the needs of all children are met.  All children will have teaching time with class teachers, teaching assistants and opportunities to work more independently during lessons in school.  Some children will also have access to additional 1:1 and small group teaching sessions to enable them to make rapid progress against a particular target. These sessions are carefully scheduled to ensure that children are not missing out on learning in other areas of the curriculum.

The school has two fully trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs), a FEIPS practitioner and a Thrive Leader who work with children experiencing emotional or social problems either in or out of school. They work with children in lots of different ways, ranging from group social skills work through to support for children who have suffered loss or bereavement. We always seek permission from parents before commencing such work.

If you would like to find out more about how we support children in our school, you may find the Special Educational Needs Policy useful (see policy and document section). Alternatively, you are very welcome to book a time to meet with Mrs Ayling. Appointments can be booked via the school office.

For further information please read: SEN Information