The intention of the Spanish curriculum at Mill Rythe Junior School is that children are taught to develop an interest in learning another language in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating. This is achieved by learning a new language through songs, role play and games alongside building their awareness of cultural differences between the UK and Spanish speaking countries around the world. It is our intent that children will leave with a thirst to continue their language journey in further education and will have a natural curiosity and confidence to explore other countries, cultures and languages, accepting that, in a multilingual society, it is a valuable skill to be able to communicate effectively with others in another language.

Our curriculum is developed in a progressive manner that focuses first on developing listening skills then moving onto speaking, reading and finally writing through a range of topics such as greetings, numbers, colours, food, school and pets. Through following this curriculum children will leave with a breadth of new vocabulary enabling them to confidently have a conversation with a Spanish speaker whereby they can talk about themselves and their interests, as well as asking the other person about their interests. They will be able to buy themselves a meal in a restaurant, tell the time, describe their pet and talk about their hobbies. They will know about a number of famous Spanish people from a range of sports (such as tennis, formula one and flamenco dancing), have an understanding of Spanish traditions and celebrations such as ‘La Tomatina’ and know about a few cities in Spain.