At Mill Rythe Junior School we want our children to develop a love for sport by creating a curriculum that is varied, engaging, inspirational and fun.

Our PE curriculum provides all children with the opportunity to develop progressive skills in a variety of sports, using a range of equipment. They learn the core skills and rules needed to play that sport successfully.  Children are also given the opportunity to apply these skills to competitions. There is a clear progression throughout the sessions whereby children build on the previous skills learnt.

We encourage children to take part in all areas of PE regardless of ability or interest. We teach them the importance of being active and healthy and how to work as a team.

We are extremely lucky to have a swimming pool on site and children swim receive swimming lessons once a term.  Living by the sea, learning to swim is an essential skill that all children should have.

We offer a range of extra-curricular sports clubs both before and after school, from athletics to hockey and we are proud to participate in a range of local sporting competitions with other schools.