At Mill Rythe Junior School, all children are exposed to a Design and Technology curriculum that aims to exercise and enhance their creativity through designing, making and evaluating their own products.

Throughout their time at our school, children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and practical skills in the following main areas; cooking and nutrition, textiles, structures and mechanical systems.

All of our DT units follow the same cycle of researching current products, designing, making and evaluating their own product and the units end with the children proudly taking their products home with them. Evaluation is an integral part of the DT curriculum and allows children to adapt and improve their final product. Throughout the school, children will learn about many different key inventors and designers such as Coco Chanel and the designers of the Eifell Tower.

Resilience is a skill that is needed throughout the children’s lives and is therefore a key value that is tested, taught and modelled within the DT lessons. The DT curriculum also allows children to apply their knowledge and skills learnt in other areas of the curriculum especially Maths, Science and Art.

Each year, the children’s skills are revisited through our annual DT Day, allowing the children to further improve their previously learnt skills and produce something truly unique and special to them.